Module/Sync Google from Dolibarr suddenly broken

From 17th november 2014, Google has closed its API service v1 and v2 available to synchronize your Google agenda.

If you were using the Google Module for Dolibarr ERP CRM (, this means synchronization of your events does not work anymore. You may also experience blank pages in some situation.

Note that synchronization of thirdparties, contacts are not affected (except if you ask to create an automatic event when creating a thirdparty. In this case, you will experience the problem of event synchronization).

Because, change was done on Google server, currently there is nothing we can do, except disabling synchronizing of agenda. A new version of Google module will be developped to be compatible with the new API v3, opened by Google to replace old one. You will find the new version on as soon as it is available.

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