New: module_speedfinder-0.4a

SpeedFinder adds a menu to quick search for a contact or a company by entering a few digits of the phone.

For example: your Dolibarr open in the Navigator and you receive a call from a customer or supplier.

    1. you see the number of the caller (if your phone allows)
    2. Clicking on the menu of your SpeedFinder Dolibarr
    3. you enter 2 or 3 digits in the "Quick Search:: phone"
    4. list of names associated dynamically appears almost instantaneously (via AJAX)
    5. Clicking on the name to go directly to the page of your partner

The entire operation lasted less than 5 seconds (the time to pick up the phone) ... you want to "hello" a caller (calling him by his name) ... and detail the actions and current proposal is already under your eyes!

Thanks to Marc Studer :

module_speedfinder-0.4a (Need Dolibarr 2.6.1+)

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