Video of the most awaited features of Dolibarr v10

the version 10.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM was released few weeks ago.

It's time to discover, with this video, some of the new features that were introduced.


Version 10 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on our download mirror on sourceforge.

For a more detailed list of changes, you can take a look at the ChangeLog...

***** ChangeLog for 10.0.0 compared to 9.0.0 *****

For Users:

NEW: Module "Ticket" is available as a stable module.

NEW: Module "Email Collector" is available as a stable module.

NEW: Module "TakePOS" is available as a stable module.

NEW: Experimental module "Vendor receptions".

NEW: Experimental module "BOM".

NEW: Accounting - Add default accounting account for member subcriptions.

NEW: Accounting - More comprehensive menu.

NEW: Agenda/event - add description column available in list (hidden by default).

NEW: Add accounting account for result.

NEW: Add accounting code for EEC sales and export sales on products.

NEW: Add a security permission to edit php dynamic content on the WebSite module.

NEW: Attached document on bank account are now visible in automatic ECM.

NEW: Add Autofill Remainder Amount picto on the Expense Report Payment Page.

NEW: Add contact status in category export

NEW: Add Default Warehouse to user record (if module stock is on)

NEW: Add employee/user to subledger account list

NEW: Add gender in member card

NEW: Add getFormatedCustomerRef and getFormatedSupplierRef methods

NEW: Add history to view and print previous sales on TakePos.

NEW: Add import of accounting account for intra/export selling on product card

NEW: Adding code to show update date of supplier price shown

NEW: Add line total on list of payments

NEW: Add LinkedIn field in social network module

NEW: Add more complete error messages in log on stripe payments

NEW: Add no_email field in contact list

NEW: Add notes are show in tooltips

NEW: Add option DONATION_USE_THIRDPARTIES in admin of membership module


NEW: add page to setup opening hours of the company

NEW: add payments table to pdf of expense report

NEW: add payment terms to invoices list

NEW: Add picto of deletion on mass action combo lists

NEW: add product extrafields available into shipping export

NEW: add ref supplier on supplier invoice

NEW: Add stats on entries & movements by fiscal year

NEW: Add subledger in various payment module

NEW: Add tag for ODT generation for localtax rates

NEW: Add the now link when creating expense report

NEW: Ask date of invoice when using the Clone feature.

NEW: auto event msg

NEW: Automatically binding for intra/export accountancy code in customer list

NEW: automatic / manual selector form

NEW: Better explanation for setup of WebDav module

NEW: Can add more lines on situation invoices at end of project when there is extra to add.

NEW: Can change the customer account of an instance

NEW: Can choose the root category to show products for TakePOS module

NEW: Can edit supplier on draft order supplier

NEW: Can enter price with or without tax when entering expense repor line

NEW: Can filter on the date of period for social contributions

NEW: Can generate invoices from the timespent entered on a project

NEW: Can update product supplier price ref

NEW: Can upload files from the edit page of expense report

NEW: Color for hover and for checked line is on by default

NEW: Column of p...arent company is available in list of third parties

NEW: conditionnal add member button by statut


NEW: Contact related items tab

NEW: Can create of supplier invoice from a reception

NEW: Ensure External RSS Links Open in New Window

NEW: Export available for reception module

NEW: Extend import option to Order's card and Propal's card

NEW: filter by thirdparty on report CA by prod/serv

NEW: Save space by moving the meteo on the title line

NEW: Get the list of groups of a user with the REST API.

NEW: Hidden option MAIN_CAN_EDIT_SUPPLIER_ON_SUPPLIER_ORDER to edit supplier on draft supplier order

NEW: Improve Displaying Shortcut Access Keys in Navigation.

NEW: Improve Expensereport, Inverse Receiver.

NEW: Improve pdf description item visibitity.

NEW: Introduce a config parameter $dolibarr_main_instance_unique_id

NEW: Introduce css "nobottomiftotal"

NEW: Introduce PhpSpreadsheet for export (need php5.6+)

NEW: Invoice creation from the timesheet

NEW: Can list remote stripe's payout in a dedicated page.

NEW: Manage account sell_intra & sell_export in page accoutancy admin default product

NEW: Manage loan schedule.

NEW: Manage status of member types.

NEW: Mass action "create bills" for validated reception

NEW: Measuring unit are now defined into an editable dictionary. Add product size/unit into product import. 

NEW: Template pdf 'canelle_reception' displays linked reception lines.

NEW: Moral/physic status can be defined at member type level

NEW: Pagination into list of time spent.

NEW: Performance enhancement (Replace dirname(__FILE__) with __DIR__)

NEW: POS support in order (ex: online cart).

NEW: Preview of images into the filemanager component.

NEW: Resource module can be used in products/services (in a dedicated tab)

NEW: Retrieve invoice infos from order when billing shipment

NEW: Save and display type of membership in subscription table for more explicit historic

NEW: Setup default thirdparty type (customer or prospect/customer)

NEW: Add shipping "set draft" button and can update lines.

NEW: show in blod, the invoice amount where we came from, when making payment

NEW: Show product dimensions in product tooltips.

NEW: Show the latest date of subscription in member statistics reports.

NEW: Sort list of templates alphabetically

NEW: Stripe Payment Intent (need option to use this new Stripe api method)

NEW: Can support barcode on supplier price references.

NEW: Support tag {ccc} on payment ref

NEW: The preview of PDF files generates only 1 png file, even if several pages.

NEW: Can select a Thirdparty object in donation module if option ON.

NEW: Tooltip with VAT amount and price incl tax on lines of objects.

NEW: Unsubscribed emails are now stored in a dedicated table.

NEW: Update working chkbxlst filter for lists.

NEW: Use ajax switch into setup of donation.php and multi-currency module.

NEW: use recipient language when generating the fullname for emails.

NEW: When you create product or service, sell accountancy account by default is suggested.

NEW: Widget birthdays of the month.

NEW: Option in workflow module to set a reception billed on validate supplier bill.

NEW: Autocompletion on lists should be available on mobile applications.

NEW: Add mass action to close several members.

NEW: Add hidden option ADD_UNSPLASH_LOGIN_BACKGROUND for random background

NEW: Add hidden option to be ready for BREXIT


For Developers:

NEW: Module "DebugBar" is available as a stable module.

NEW: Add API REST for donations

NEW: Add a script 'purge-data.php' to purge data older than a defined creation date


NEW: Add function isValidVATID() to heck syntax of a VAT ID/number.

NEW: Add document's product support in APIs

NEW: Add REST API: get the list of objects in a category.

NEW: Update Stripe library to 6.35

NEW: Upgrade jquery lib to 3.3.1

NEW: Add hook 'addHtmlHeader()'

NEW: Add hook 'createRecurringInvoices()'

NEW: Add hook 'afterSelectContactOptions'

NEW: Add hook 'getAccessForbiddenMessage'

NEW: Add hook support in accountancy index

NEW: Add hook support in list of template invoices

NEW: Add parameter 'replaceambiguouschars' on getRandomPassword function

NEW: Add property 'noteditable' in modulebuilder

NEW: Add the current modulepart into the Conf class object


NEW: Add visibility with value 4 in framework to define fields to show

NEW: More option to tune initialization of a new module with modulebuilder.

NEW: Add REST API to list currencies

NEW: REST API Proposal, Orders, Invoices: Add contact details

NEW: hidden option to change concat order of description/product label.

NEW: Enhance management of webhooks

NEW: Generation of doc by modulebuilder can include README and CHANGELOG

NEW: massfilesarea feature is possible for external modules

NEW: Show list of enabled modules in dol_print_error().

NEW: Simplification of CSS styles of default themes. 

NEW: Clean code of a lot of deprecated code.

NEW: Add hidden option to set a search entry to the top



NEW: add hidden option NO_CONCAT_DESCRIPTION




NEW: Hidden conf to improve pdf desc item visibitity

NEW: Look and feel v10 - Add CSS 'tabBarNoTop'





Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:

* PHP 5.4 is no more supported. Minimum PHP is now 5.5+.

* The PHP extension php-intl is not mandatory and must be installed to have new features working correctly.

* Method GetUrlTrackingStatus were renamed into getUrlTrackingStatus for consistency with naming rules.

* API getListOfCivility has been renamed into getListOfCivilities for consistency with naming rules.

* Deprecated function img_phone as been removed. You can use img_picto(..., 'call|call_out') instead.; 

* Files for variables of themes were renamed from graph-color.php into to match naming 

  convention of extension .inc.php for files to be included.

* All methods set_draft() were renamed into setDraft().

* Signatures of methods createFromClone() has been standardized. All methods requires the object User as first parameter.

* Removed deprecated function function test_sql_and_script_inject that was replaced with testSqlAndScriptInject.

* Method load_measuring_units were renamed into selectMeasuringUnits and select_measuring_units was deprecated.


* Method dolEscapeXML was moved from functions.lib.php into function2.lib.php (not used enough to be loaded by default).

* Removed deprecated use of string in dol_print_date(). Only date allowed.

* Deprecated property ->fk_departement is now ->state_id everywhere.

* Removed the method 4 of GETPOST (to get $_COOKIE). It was not used and not recommanded to use in Dolibarr.

* Column llx_facture.facnumber change to llx_facture.ref

* Variable $dolibarr_main_cookie_cryptkey is no more created at install (it was not used by Dolibarr). A new variable 

  called $dolibarr_main_instance_unique_id is now generated at each installation. It will be used by some future features.


Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?