Why Dolibarr 3.7 was not released in january 2015

dolibarrAccording to our roadmap, Dolibarr 3.7.0 should have been released in january. It won't. Why ?

The pool of opened bug for 3.7 beta is not empty. However, most remainning bugs are not critical to lock the release.

The main reason why i won't release final version is not common....

This is due to a severe bug into mysql. In Mysql 5.5.40, so a very common version, a bug was introduced making mysql stopped and some tables of your database deleted when running some commands like ALTER TABLE results in server disconnection but also into data lost. Don't ask me how Oracle let a so serious bug, and so easy to reproduce, affect this database, that's not the point. The point is we can't offer a version to our very large base of users knowing that a big part of them will loose their data, just because the database migration process need to run such commands (I reproduced the data lost on 5 different environments for 10 tested !!!).

Even if fault is into Mysql, Dolibarr policy is to think to end users first. The affected version of Mysql is a version published with a lot of Debian and Ubuntu distributions so impact may be important if we launch the release now. Users using Postgresql are not affected of course, but we can't manage different release for each database. I prefer to wait. This will give us time to think how we can protect users from such rare situation and also let time to have the fix published by Oracle (version 5.5.41 seems to fix this critical issue) beeing massively deployed before releasing a new version of Dolibarr.

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