Dolibarr can be very helpful for your prospective follow-up. It offers to save different information that can be crossed in order to know precisely what to do and when for your future customers.


1 - In prospects card


You can set for each prospect a potential and a prospection status. Just select his potential between different levels such as high, low... 


The potentials list includes native suggestions that can be personalized to be exactly what correspond to your business reality.


To follow precisely you prospects, you can also define on their card a status : to contact, contact done... 


The status can be personalized.


Get in touch with your prospects and modify their statuts in one click !


2 - In projects features


For each project, you can set a budget and an opportunity status.


Both of these data can be modified within the project advancement depending on how the project runs.


Use the native entries or personalize it with dictionaries !


The opportunity status is usefull in order to organise your planing depending on the emergency levels of the projects from their recording till you win them.


The budget will let you know easily about profit and loss depending on all the business document that will be link to the project such as customers and suppliers invoices.


3 - Cross opportunity data of projects and customers


Using opportunity features on prospects and projects will help you organizing you time and actions !