Dolibarr can manage your customer and supplier orders. Manage your workflow order and products stock according to your rules.






Create your Order



Create your orders from your customer sheet, or in one click by reusing a signed proposal or contract to save time.




Process your Order


Send directly the order by Email from the application. Use email templates to avoid typing any email text.


Depending on the modules/features you enabled, you can also convert your order into a shipment (module shipment), a contract (module contract), intervention (module intervention), invoice (module invoice) or any combination of this.




If you decide to manage shipments, close automatically your orders when all shipments are doneDepending on your setup, if you need to manage stock, your stock will be increased/decreased.





Follow status of your open Orders



To follow-up your business, display all your orders, filter and sort them on any criteria







Analyse your sales or delivery performance



Use predefined statistics pages to get useful information of your sales representative performance.


Export your Orders with Export module to reuse them with external tools, or connect directly your existing BI suite to the open database.