Dolibarr 2.6 is available

dolibarr4 months after the 2.5 release, a new major version of Dolibarr is available. It's version 2.6.
The big focus of this version is the stabilization. This version is the version that had the largest debugging campaign. Many portions of code have been removed or shared on that occasion. Imperfections due to native support of UTF8 for Version 2.5 have been corrected, and many languages added (even if translation is not always complete), such as Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian, German.
Many other changes and long-awaited features were added (about 50,000 lines of code and more, despite cleaning).

Among them, the most notable are:
* A module for Paybox, a module to disseminate its Bit Torrent files, a module for Asterisk (in module clickToDial).
* The management of the type of line on the invoice (product or service) very useful for accounting purposes,
* Invoices type "deposit"
* Support for SMTPS whose absence was annoying for many SMEs which send mail to go through this protocol,
* A tool to add new translations.
* Possibility for plugins to add their own tabs on the screens (in addition to existing features) without touching the source code.
* A command-line tools to generate a concatenation of several bills in a single PDF.
* Functions for "cloning" to copy an invoice, commercial proposal, from an existing order.
* The following other features described in the ChangeLog.

Dolibarr is a modular software (you have the functions you want) to management companies, freelancer or associations. It is an OpenSource project based on a WAMP or LAMP server (Apache, Mysql, PHP). Dolibarr differs from offers software such as OpenAguila, OpenBravo, OpenERP (Ex TinyERP) Neogia, Compiere, Adempiere, by the fact that everything is done to provide simplicity:

* Simple to install (with an installer for Windows DoliWamp, for those who do not know how to install an Apache server, MySQL, PHP, a web assistant for others, no additional component, no Java, no Python, no Perl, no PEARL PHP modules, no other exotic library).
* Simple to use (any module can be disabled to lighten up the menus, only the mechanism of permissions can not be disabled).
* Simple for development (no heavy frameworks). Dolibarr, developed in PHP object, incorporates its own natural code, allowing every developer to be immediately operational without knowledge other than PHP).

It is therefore a different target, such as PME / TPE, independent professionals, small businesses or foundations, where the sophistication of other products make them more suitable for larger structures.

All the features covered by this version are described on the website:

New in 2.6 compared to 2.5

Here is a list of changes made in version 2.6 compared to the previous release 2.5 (This is the official ChangeLog):

For users:
- New: Add filter on status in emailing selector for Dolibarr users.
- New: Can add bookmarks on all pages.
- New: Enhance bank transactions reporting.
- New: When creating a contact from a third party, informations from third party card
  are automatically suggested.
- New: Sort list of languages in combo box.
- New: Emails links are show with function dol_print_email
- New: Add graph report on number of entities in product statistics page.
- New: Can delete a supplier order whatever is its status.
- New: No limit on free text on PDF generated documents.
- New: Can force login value when creating a user from a member.
- New: Can clone commercial proposals and orders.
- New: Major enhancement of project module.
- New: Added product label in invoice exports fields.
- New: Add VAT number in export fields.
- New: Upgrade FPDF to 1.6
- New: Upgrade Scriptaculous to 1.8.2 and Prototype to
- New: Added keywords in PDF.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_COMPRESSION.
- New: Add attachments on intervention cards.
- New: Can add personalized fields in emailing selectors.
- New: Customer code and supplier code can be defined automatically.
- New: Emailing feature can extract civility from contacts.
- New: Can create a third party from a member of foundation module.
- New: Can set a limit for stock alert to 0.
- New: Support SMTPS.
- New: Added a page /support to provide a help center service on Dolibarr.
- New: Distinct status "running not expired" from "running expired" in lines
  contract status.
- New: Add a first version of a module for Paybox.
- New: Can add contact to suppliers orders.
- New: Changes to support the external Bit Torrent module.
- New: Can filter on social contribution type in list.
- New: Upload of joined files need create/modify permissions to work.
- New: For admin users, show the SQL request in export build.
- New: Can modify proposal date if status is draft.
- New: The help link on some pages now links directly to the wiki web page.
- New: Enhancements in barcode module.
- New: Can use decimal values in stocks.
- Fix: Partial payment on social contributions not shown on main page.
- Fix: Handle correctly the comment in status changing of supplier orders.
- Fix: Author, title and topic are correctly encoded in PDF.
- Fix: Now HTML output is always UTF8, this solve bad PDF encoding on old users.
- Fix: Save new model when changed on interventions.
- Fix: Failed to go on the future view of bank transaction if there is no
  future bank transaction already wrote.  
- Fix: Bad ref in supplier list.
- Fix: Bad link in product statistics for supplier referrers.
- Fix: Usage of reset of cursor in personalized numbering modules for a particular
  month (@ option) was broken.
- Can add contacts to a supplier invoice.
- Fix: When an invoice is changed back to status draft, warehouse is increased
- Fix: Category of a bank transaction was not saved.
- Fix: Clicktodial plugin works correctly now
- Fix: Multi prices features works correctly.
- Fix: Project module and task creation.
- Fix: Validation of order if a file was attached.
- Fix: A lot of fixes in PDF generators.
- Fix: Bad line/page break with long description of products on PDF.
- Fix: Option force invoice date to validation date working correctly.
- Fix: Creation of a member from the example public page works.

For translators:
- Added 10 more new language files.
- Added autotranslator tool. A tool to build/update automatically
  languages files using Google API for a new language. Wonderful to start a
  new translation.
For developers:
- Removed some deprecated files.
- Removed treemenu library.
- Renamed all function dolibarr_xxx into dol_xxx to have same prefix everywhere.
- Rewrite clone feature for supplier invoice to work like other clone features.
- First change to manage a future feature "stock PMP value".
- A module can add a new tab in third party view tabs.

DoliWamp version that includes an installer for Windows (with Apache, Mysql, PHP) is also available.

Version 2.6 can be downloaded in the download area of Dolibarr web site:

This release is accompanied by other improvements

The wiki

The translation of the wiki (user and developer Dolibarr documentation) in Spanish has increased dramatically. The organization of pages has been improved for ease of reading and research.

The website

The website has been upgraded in Joomla 1.5.


A foundation of users, independent of the development team, dedicated to the promotion and development of Dolibarr, is also in the process of being set up by french people.

All information is available at:

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?