Dolibarr ERP/CRM 2.7 has been released

dolibarrThe big focus of this version is production and exploitation. Most important changes are:

  • Add a point of sale module

  • Add a help center

  • Enhance a lot of admin tools

  • Enhance installers to autodetect version and sugest the upgrade process automatically.

DoliWamp and DoliMamp version that includes an installer for Windows or Mac OS X (with Apache, Mysql, PHP) is also available.

Version 2.7 can be downloaded in the download area of Dolibarr web site:

Dolibarr is a modular software (you have the functions you want) to management companies, freelancers or foundations. It is an OpenSource project based on a WAMP or LAMP server (Apache, Mysql, PHP). Dolibarr differs from offers software such as OpenAguila, OpenBravo, OpenERP (Ex TinyERP) Neogia, Compiere, Adempiere, by the fact that everything is done to provide simplicity:

  • Simple to install (with DoliWamp the auto-installer for Windows or DoliMamp the auto-installer for Mac OS X, for those who do not know how to install an Apache server, MySQL, PHP, with a web assistant for others, no additional components required, no Java, no Python, no Perl, no PEARL PHP modules, no other exotic library).

  • Simple to use (any module can be disabled to removed not required features, only the mechanism of permissions can not be disabled).

  • Simple for development (no heavy frameworks). Dolibarr, developed in PHP object, incorporates its own natural code, allowing every developer to be immediately operational without knowledge other than PHP).

All the features covered by this version are described on the website:

New in 2.7 compared to 2.6

Here is a list of changes made in version 2.7 compared to the previous release 2.6 (This is the official ChangeLog):

For users:
- New: Add a print icon to show a page to print without menus.
- New: Can add a free text on bank cheque receipts.
- New: Price level can be defined also for prospects.
- New: Add a help and support center.
- New: Can export commercial proposals.
- New: Can use a cache for xcal exports.
- New: Option for faster confirmation process with one ajax popup.
- New: Complete theme bluelagoon and rodolphe
- New: Can select third parties emails in emailing module for all third parties with expired contract's lines.
- New: Can add a field errors-to in emailing.
- New: Can use inline images in emails.
- New: Add predefined invoices (can be use for repeated invoices).
- New: Add a confirmation when cloning products.
- New: Add stock in product lists.
- New: Can filter list of stock movement on date or product.
- New: Added a link from product list to their stock movements.
- New: Several speed enhancements after using the Google Page speed plugin for FireBug.
- New: Add a confirmation on dangerous admin purge feature.
- New: Add navigation on donation sheets.
- New: Added estimated value for stocks.
- New: Added module Gravatar to found photo of users or members from their email on
- New: Include Dolibarr version in suggested dump filename.
- New: Enhancement in project module.
- New: Add log tab on emailing module.
- New: Minor enhancements in look themes.
- New: Add option to hide help in menu.
- New: Added a "force LDAP synchronize" on member and contact cards.
- New: Can split a discount into two smaller discount. This allows to use a discount on an invoice even if invoice amount is lower than discount credit available.
- New: Can use variables into the free text on PDF (__TOTAL_TTC_, __TOTAL_VAT...)
- New: Increase page loading speed (all changes reported by Google PageSpeed tool has been added).
- New: Add support of constant MAIN_ONLY_LOGIN_ALLOWED to allow to lock all access to any users except the one defined in constant.
- New: Add an admin page of PHP sessions with a way to lock new connections for other users than yourself. Can also purge existing sessions.
- New: Add point of sale module.
- New: Better usage when using with smartphones.
- New: Add module FTP client.
- New: Can set first day of week.
- New: Installer now create a .htaccess to protect documents directory.
- New: Experimental support for Postgresql.
- New: Full support of SMTPS (can works with Google SMTP).
- Fix: "Now" link works when date popup is not used.
- Fix: Debug seriously the email notification module.
- Fix: Error Call to a member function trans when refusing a supplier order.
- Fix: Fix payment conditions on commercial proposals.
- Fix: Nb of orders to process was wrong.
- Fix: Customer code was not correct on PDF it if contains special characters.
- Fix: Can update price even with "NPR" VAT rates.
- Fix: When product type is missing, description is not lost when adding new product lines.
- Fix: CC and BCC in emails was not used if using SMTPS handler.
- Fix: Last character was lost when text end with n or r.
- Fix: LDAP synchronization is now more robust (transaction and use modify instead of delete/add).
- Fix: Fix: Setup of member synchronization does not conflict with contact or user synchronization.

For translators:
- Update some language files.
- Can accept right to left languages. Added an "automatic" arabe translation.

For developers:
- An external module can force the third party code to be required whatever is the rule of third party code module.
- Update fckeditor to 2.6.4.
- Update Smarty to 2.6.26.
- Removed some deprecated code and files.
- Creation of directory in module descriptor is simpler.
- Can use an alternate document_root directory to develop with sources on two repositories.
- Removed useless code of old commercial module.
- Move some modules into the CVS modules repository dolibarrmod. This reduces amount of code in main branch.
- Updated wiki documentation.
- Better W3C standard.
- Can add init data when enabling a module.
- Can fix some corruptions in database by calling the update page /install/repair.ksh
- Log files contains more information (PHP_SELD added and OS user used for log of command lines scripts)
- Can protect a module to not being enabled if javascript disabled.
- If module numberwords is installed, code can use langs->getLabelFromNumber to get value of an amount in text.
- A module can add subsitution keys in makesubsitutions() functions.
- Add $conf->browser->phone defined to optimise code for smartphone browsers.
- All external libs are now in same directory /includes.
- All install files are now in same directory /install.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?