Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.6.0 is available

dolibarrThe first stable version of branch 3.6 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM is available.

This version 3.6.0 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on into the download area of portal (subdirectory Stable versions).

This is full changes of this version compared to 3.5.0:

For users:
- New: Update ckeditor to version 4.
- New: Add form "search customer order" on commercial main page.
- New: Can create contract from an order.
- New: Add list of orders products in tab "consumption" on thirdparties.
- New: Add graph stats for suppliers orders in tab "stats" on products.
- New: Add option MAIN_HIDE_INACTIVETAB_ON_PRINT to hide inactive tabs when you
       use the "print" view on screen.
       to automatically add timestamp and user line into edition field when editing a note.
- New: Add button cancel into edition of notes.
- New: Improved Barcode module:
       Can input barcode during product creation step.
       Add autonumbering of barcode value for products.
       Add a page/tool for mass barcode generation.
- New: Improved Opensurvey module:
       Added options to disable comments and disable public votes.
       Limit dates use calendar popup.
       Description of survey use wysiwig editor.
       More information shown on result tab.
       Renamed "survey" into "poll" (better translation).
- New: Add filter on text and status into survey list. Can also sort on id, text and date end.
- New: The box "balance of bank accounts" show all opened accounts.
- New: Add option MAIN_ADD_SALE_REP_SIGNATURE_IN_NOTE to add sale represnative into public
       note of generated documents.
- New: Add warning if supplier payment is higher that due amount.
- New: Increase length of url into bookmark module.
- New: Automatic events sending mails add info about linked objects into email content. 
- New: Price management enhancement (multiprice level, price by customer, if MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL=2 Price by qty).
- New: Add option MAIN_FAVICON_URL.
- New: Created {line_price_ht_locale}, {line_price_vat_locale} and {line_price_ttc_locale} ODT tags.
- New: Add filter on project status into task list. By default, only "opened" project are visible.
- New: Status "validated" for project are renamed into "opened".
- New: Add barcode fields into user database.
- New: Add manager name (ceo, director, president...) into main company information page.
- New: Add field url as product properties.
- New: More options to create a credit note (can be filled autatically according to remain to pay).
- New: Can define custom fields for categories.
- New: Prepare generation of SEPA files into module withdrawal.
- New: [ task #1164 ] Add "Ref. supplier" search box in supplier orders
- New: [ task #1345 ] Can filter on status for supplier order.
- New: Add option FACTURE_SENDBYEMAIL_FOR_ALL_STATUS to allow to send invoice by email 
       whatever is its status.
- New: Add filter date in bank writing list page.
- New: Extrafields can be used as substitution key %EXTRA_XXX% into emails texts for members.
- New: Add categories translation.
- New: Enable option "clone target emailing".
- New: Improved tax module: Add specific page for salaries payment	
- New: Add composer.json file so Dolibarr can be publish onto
- New: The combo list of juridical status is now sorted
- New: [ task #926 ] Add extrafield feature on order lines.
- New: [ task #927 ] Add extrafield feature on Proposal lines.
- New: [ task #928 ] Add extrafield feature on invoice lines.
- New: Paypal/paybox email sent after backcall of a payment is now a formated and translated
       HTML content. For member subscription renewal, there is also a link to member.
- New: When a subscription is recorded with invoice and payment:
       - the document (PDF) of invoice is also generated.
       - the invoice is set to status paid.
- New: Can enter holiday for someone else if user has permission for.
- Fix: Project Task numbering customs rule works.
- Fix: Add actions events not implemented.
- Fix: Price min of composition is not supplier price min by quantity.
- Fix: [ bug #1356 ] Bank accountancy number is limited to 8 numbers.
- Fix: [ bug #1478 ] BILL_PAYED trigger action does not intercept failure under some circumstances
- Fix: [ bug #1479 ] Several customer invoice triggers do not intercept trigger action
- Fix: [ bug #1477 ] Several customer invoice triggers do not show trigger error messages
- Fix: [ bug #1471 ] Several PHP warnings when intercepting USER_CREATE trigger.
- Fix: [ bug #1517 ] Packages sizes.
- Fix: [ bug #1521 ] The second order's page from a provider shows all orders

For translators:
- Update language files.

For developers:
- New: Add path file of trigger into admin trigger list page.
- New: More phpunit tests.
- New: Payments and supplier payment pages tabs can now be extended from modules.
- New: Add option 'aZ' into GETPOST function to check parameters contains 
       only a to z or A to Z characters.
- New: Opensurvey polls tab cards can now be extended from external modules.
- New: Add new hook function addMoreActionsButtons to allow a module to add/replace
       action buttons into an element.
- New: Normalize code for barcode generation to match other modules.
- New: Uniformize code for contacts forms.
- New: Add some hooks for financial reports.
- New: A module can add its own ECM view.
- New: A module can disable a standard ECM view.
- New: Add multilang support into product webservice.
- New: Add hooks on project card page.

WARNING: Following change may create regression for some external modules, but was necessary to make
Dolibarr better:

- The deprecated way (with 4 parameters) to declare a new tab into a module descriptor file has been
removed. You must now use the 6 parameters way. See file modMyModule.class.php for example. 
- Remove the javascript function ac_delay() that is not used anymore by core code.
- Properties "dictionnaries" into module descriptor files has been renamed into "dictionaries".
- Method form->select_currency() has been removed. Use instead print form->selectCurrency().
- Method form->select_methodes_commande() has been renamed into english name selectInputMethod().
- The following hooks are now 'addreplace' hooks: "formCreateThirdpartyOptions" 
  So check that return value is 0 to keep default standard behaviour after hook or 1 to disable
  default standard behaviour.
- Properties "civilite_id" were renamed into "civility_id".
- Remove add_photo_web() that is not used anymore by core code.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?