Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.7.0 is available

dolibarrThe first stable version of branch 3.7 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM is available.

This version 3.7.0 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on into the download area of portal (subdirectory Stable versions).

Warning: If your hosting server use the mysql database version 5.5.40, you must first upgrade to any other mysql version. Version 5.5.40 of mysql has critical bugs making you lose your data.

This is full changes of this version compared to 3.6.0:

***** ChangeLog for 3.7 compared to 3.6.* *****
For users:
- New: Match other auth system: Login can be done entering login or user 
       email (this open the road for SSO).
- New: Agenda export by project #1967.
- New: Increase length of thirdparty to 128 chars.
- New: "Is Order shippable" icon #1975.
- New: statistics on supplier orders and invoices on home page.
- New: Add permissions to read all trips and expenses.
- New: Can filter on date into tab "Referring object" of a project.
- New: Module notification has been enhanced:
       EMail use now language of target contact.
       Can also define a fixed email for notifications.
- New: Feature to link manually an order to an invoice does not disappear once
       link has been done.
- New: Can set a color on user card (visible into agenda view).
- New: extrafields for projects and tasks are exported to ODT documents.
- New: Add number of active notification into tab title (like we do for notes and documents)
- New: Can add product into category from category card.
- New: PDF event report show project and status of event.
- New: Can filter on status on interventions.
- New: Add help info of field type into dictionary of payment types.
- New: Add proposals into referer page of thirdparty.
- New: On contact list can set filter on both active and not active (no more exclusive select). 
- New: Intervention documents are now available in ECM module.
- New: Can attach supplier order to a customer order.
- New: Supervisor is now visible into user list. 
- New: Add user of creation and validation on invoice export.
- New: Add info page about browser.
- New: Enable feature developed for 3.6 we forgot to enabled: Adding prefix
       on uploaded file names. 
- New: No more dependency between contract and service module.
- New: [ task #867 ] Remove ESAEB external module code from core.
- New: Can create proposal from an intervention.
- New: An event can be assigned to several users.
- New: Can filter events on a group of users.
- New: Can filter events of a thirdparty.
- New: Onto event summary of elements, end date and status are visible.
- New: Split Agenda view (month, week, day) into different tabs.
- New: Add a view "per user" of agenda events (with different colors according to type of event).
- New: Each user can include its own external ics calendar into dolibarr agenda view.
- New: Add event FICHINTER_CLASSIFY_BILLED into list of possible events to
       create an automatic event into agenda.
- New: Add new type of event (when type of events are used, not by default).
- New: Can disable predefined type of events.
- New: Form to add a photo is immediatly available on photo page if
       permissions are ok (save one click per photo to add).
- New: Add option PRODUCT_MAX_VISIBLE_PHOTO to limit number of photos
       shown on main product card.
- New: Add country into table of thirdparties type. This will allow to provide
       a list of thirdparty types specific to a country (like argentina that
       need type A or B).
- New: Can force a specific bank account onto an invoice/order.
- New: Home page of project area shows list of draft project (like other main page).
- New: Can search on project ref or string from project main page (like other main page).
- New: First change to match accessibility rules:
       Differentiate text and img.
       Use label into quick search form.
       Use accesskey on form search.
- New: Intervention documents are now available in ECM module.
- New: Add attachments on user card + in ECM module.
- New: Can add __PROJECT_REF__ and __TIHRPARTY_NAME__ into email topic or content template.    
- New: [ task #1204 ] add Numering contrat module free (like leopard in product module).
- New: [ task #712 ] Add warning when creating invoice from proposal or order, when there is already one invoice.
- New: Enable supplier price log table.
- New: [ task #1204 ] add a supplier reference to contract.
- New: [ task #1218 ] Can drag and drop an event from calendar to change its day.
- New: Optimize size of image static resources.
- New: Add hourly and daily amount on user card. Add weekly working hours and salary on user card.
- New: Content of predefined email come firstly from table llx_c_email_template, then translation key. 
- New: Add option MAIN_GENERATE_INVOICES_WITH_PICTURE to show picture 
       onto PDF like MAIN_GENERATE_PROPOSALS_WITH_PICTURE dir for proposals.
- New: Add more search field in list of cheque deposits.
- New: Add feature to order to invoice on supplier part.
- New : Use of MAIN_USE_FILECACHE_EXPORT_EXCEL_DIR to use disk cache for big excel export.
- New: Direct invoice creation from predefined invoice.
- New: Add dunning into accountancy report.
- New: Add favorite button into country dictionary to put value on top select list
- Upgrade phpexcel lib to 1.7.8
- New : Use of MAIN_USE_FILECACHE_EXPORT_EXCEL_DIR to use disk cache for big excel export.
- New : Option on extrafields to have them always editable regardless of the document status.
- New : New module PrintIPP to print without opening document is available as stable.
- New : Introduce hidden option STOCK_WAREHOUSE_NOT_REQUIRED_FOR_SHIPMENTS to solve at no risk
        a missing control on missing warehouse.
- Fix: [ bug #1487 ] PAYMENT_DELETE trigger does not intercept trigger action
- Fix: [ bug #1470, #1472, #1473] User trigger problem
- Fix: [ bug #1489, #1491 ] Intervention trigger problem
- Fix: [ bug #1492, #1493 ] Member trigger problem
- Fix: [ bug #1474, #1475 ] Contract trigger problem
- Fix: [ bug #1496 ] ACTION_DELETE trigger does not show trigger error
- Fix: [ bug #1494 ] CATEGORY_CREATE and CATEGORY_MODIFY triggers do not intercept trigger action
- Fix: [ bug #1502 ] DON_CREATE trigger does not intercept trigger action
- Fix: [ bug #1505, #1504] Project trigger problem
- Fix: [ bug #1463, #1464 ] Proposal triggers problem
- Fix: [ bug #1498, #1499 ] Shipment/Delivery triggers problem
- Fix: [ bug #1465, #1466 ] Product triggers problem
- Fix: [ bug #1508 ] STOCK_MOVEMENT does not show trigger error message
- Fix: [ bug #1501 ] DEPLACEMENT_CREATE trigger do not intercept trigger action
- Fix: [ bug #1506, #1507 ] ECM trigger error problem
- Fix: [ bug #1469 ] Triggers CONTACT_MODIFY and CONTACT_DELETE duplicates error message
- Fix: [ bug #1533 ] Links triggers do not show trigger error message
- Fix: [ bug #1537 ] Difference between societe.nom and adherent.societe.
- Fix: [ bug #1535 ] Supplier invoice Extrafields are not shown
- Fix: datepicker first day of week can be monday by setting into display setup
- Fix: [ bug #575 ] GED doesn't works if there is "/" in a mask
- Fix: [ task #1728 ] Deactivate RIB suggest in proposals / invoices / orders

For translators:
- Update language files.
- New: When a translation is not available we always jump to en_US and only en_US.

For developers:
- New: Syslog module can be set to use ChromePHP plugin to output log server into browser console.
- New: Add a css style "cursorpointer".
- New: Select list of users can return user into hierarchy.
- New: getBrowserInfo can return type of layout of browser (classic/phone/tablet)
- New: Add hook "searchAgendaFrom" and "beforePDFCreation".
- New: Add trigger DON_UPDATE, DON_DELETE
- New: Add country iso code on 3 chars into table of countries.
- Qual: Removed hard coded rowid into data init of table llx_c_action_trigger.
- New: [ Task #1481 ] Add trigger BILL_SUPPLIER_UPDATE.
- New: [ Task #1495 ] Add trigger LINECONTRACT_CREATE.
- New: Added hook "formConfirm" and "doActions" for supplier invoice card.
- New: [ task #1511, #1426 ] Added hook "doActions" for supplier card and supplier order card.
- New: renamed table llx_c_pays to llx_c_country & libelle field to label.
- New: Added hook "formConfirm" and "doActions" for fichinter card
- New: Can search list of thirdparties from web service on part of name.
- New: Function getCurrencyAmount is marked as deprecated. Use function price to output a price
       including currency symbol.
- Qual: Renamed table llx_c_civilite into llx_c_civility,
		field civilite into label in the same table,
		and field civilite into civility in other table.
- Qual: Renamed all files & links "liste.php" into "list.php".
- Qual: Renamed all files & links "fiche.php" into "card.php".
- Qual: Replace all constants COMPTA_* by ACCOUNTING_*.
- Qual: Replace all constants ACCOUNTINGEX_* by ACCOUNTING_* to simplify migration of the module
- Fix: [ bug #1724 ] Can't add a submenu to projects

WARNING: Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but was necessary to make
Dolibarr better:

- If you can't see trips and expenses records, check that you have the new permission "read all
  trips and expenses".
- Deprecated module "oscommerce" were removed.
- Changed the way parameters are provided to scripts sync_xxx_ldap2dolibarr.php
- Some field into database were renamed from "libelle" to "label".
- Table llx_c_pays were renamed into llx_c_country.  
- Triggers *_BUILDDOC are removed. Building a doc is not a business event. For action after 
  creation of a pdf or odt, hook "afterPDFCreation" or "afterODTCreation" must be used instead.
- A lot of pages called fiche.php were renamed into card.php
- A lot of pages called liste.php were renamed into list.php
- If you used warehouse/stock module, recheck setup of stock increase/decrease rules of the
  warehouse module and your Point Of Sale module if you use one.
- Replaced USER_UPDATE_SESSION trigger with an updateSession hook

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?