Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.9 has been released

dolibarrVersion of branch 3.9 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM is available.

Version 3.9 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on into the download area of portal (subdirectory Stable versions). A lot of major features were introduced into this version, like a clearer skin and a new skin called "MD", a new feature into project module to manage opportunities, a new quick search box able to search on any elements, a selector to choose which field you want to show into list of thirdparties, contacts, projects or tasks, option to show a different color for each tab. A lot of changes was also done into Dolibarr framework to prepare next features for 4.0.


Mysql minimum version is now 5.0.3

Also, do not try to make any Dolibarr upgrade if you are running Mysql version 5.5.40. Mysql version 5.5.40 has a very critical bug making your data being definitely lost. You may also experience troubles with Mysql 5.5.41/42/43 with error "Lost connection" during migration. Upgrading to any other version or any other database system is absolutely required BEFORE trying to make a Dolibarr (or any software using Mysql) upgrade.

This is full changes of the last version of branch 3.9 compared to 3.8 (number after keyword FIX is related to issue number on the official bug tracker):

***** ChangeLog for 3.9.0 compared to 3.8.* *****

For users:
NEW: A new and more modern look for "eldy" theme.
NEW: Introduce a new theme called "Material Design". 
NEW: #3767 Allow changing multiple prices of a product at once
NEW: Add a button to purge criteria in user list
NEW: Add a filter field to restrict list of member when doing a LDAP list request. Use also this filter into ldap command line script making sync from ldap to dolibarr.
NEW: Add all assigned users and all extrafields data in new event when we createFromClone
NEW: Add hidden option to use standard position address in crabe model For electronic sending solutions
NEW: Add a refresh button on page list of direct print jobs.
NEW: Add a tab "document" in donation card
NEW: Add cancel button on thirdparty create page
NEW: Add chart of product statistics
NEW: Add color on categories
NEW: Add date value filter on account records list
NEW: Add __PROJECT_NAME__ tag for customer invoice emails
NEW: Add option PDF_ALLOW_HTML_FOR_FREE_TEXT to be able to enter pdf footer text with wysiwyg editor.
NEW: Add fields into llx_cronjobs to be able to use job table to queue one shot jobs.
NEW: Add filter on status on invoice list
NEW: Add filter on status on shipments
NEW: Add gender property managed on user card FIX: Better error messages when uploading photo of user when permission to write are not granted
NEW: Add help tooltips on fields of dictionary edit pages.
NEW: Add hidden option MAIN_MAILFORM_DISABLE_ENTERKEY to disable the key enter into the form to send email.
NEW: Add $ID$ into extrafields management to allow use of current object id on filter for select list from table and checkbox list from table
NEW: Add info page on product card
NEW: Add into about page, a sample text to use to promote new version release (visible only if version is last stable)
NEW: Add none/all selection into list of files for FTP browser module
NEW: Add opportunity amount on project card.
NEW: Add link "date of invoice" to select date of invoice when creating a payment in one click.
NEW: Add planned workload and declared progress on project summary list on project home page (data aggregated from tasks of project)
NEW: Add ref and label of project into export
NEW: Add status into filters of graph
NEW: Add tab document on salaries payment
NEW: Add thumb of users into stats box on home page
NEW: A link to the bugtracker report tool can be enabled in the GUI
NEW: Better look for POS. More responsive design.
NEW: Can add project search on left menu search area
NEW: Can assign a task to yourself to have it appear on timesheet.
NEW: Can close a project that has draft status with no need to switch it to validate status before.
NEW: Can edit Background color for Top menu and Background color for table title line.
NEW: Can edit email templates using WYSIWYG editor.
NEW: Can edit list of prospect status for customers/prospects. Add a new entry into dictionary table to manage list fo status.
NEW: Can filter on contact status in prospect list. Removed deprecated menu entry.
NEW: Can filter proposal on a tag of a product.
NEW: Can filter proposal, orders or invoices with criteria "contain at least one product with following tag"
NEW: Can choose fields to show on project list.
NEW: Can choose fields to show in product list. Extrafields are also supported.
NEW: Can choose fields to show into the contact list. Extrafields are also supported.
NEW: Can choose fields to show into list of users. Extrafields are also supported.
NEW: Can set default value of event type when creating an event (if option "manage type of event" is used).
NEW: Can upload files on leave requests. Use more standard permissions.
NEW: Can use a "|" to make a OR search on several different criterias into search text filters of tables.
NEW: Can use the * as a joker characters into search boxes of lists.
NEW: Clean code into salary module, debug and add indexes 
NEW: Can filter on user list and salary payments on user with naural search.
NEW: Can clone agenda events.
NEW: Color category is visible onto the thumb of tags on thirdparty, or products cards.
NEW: Conf to use next product/service ref when we clone a product/service
NEW: Contract module can be used to follow both sold and bought contracts/recurring subscriptions.
NEW: Can change amount when creating withdraws requests.
NEW: FEATURE PROPOSAL: on proposal, order or invoice creation from scratch, reload page after customer selection so its informations can be loaded
NEW: Filter "active" by default on user list. Fix label of permission of project module.
NEW: Forms are using the "tab look", even in creation mode.
NEW: Free text for cheque deposit receipt can be HTML content.
NEW: Hidden option THEME_ELDY_USE_HOVER is stable enough to become officialy visible into setup.
NEW: If module salaries is on, you can set a hourly value for time consumed by users. When a user enter its time consumed on a project, a calculation is done to provide the cost for human services. This value appears into the "Overview" of project.
NEW: Add import profile to import sales representatives of third parties.
NEW: Increase length of bank code to 128 char #3704
NEW: Into the overview of projects, the name of thirdparty appears into combo lists of elements to link to project.
NEW: Introduce a "code" into table of vats to describe VAT. This will allow to suggest different vat lines with same value with ability to differentiate them.
NEW: Introduce cost price on products.
NEW: Introduce hidden option MAIN_LANDING_PAGE to decide the home page visible just after login.
NEW: Introduce hidden option MAIN_REPLACE_TRANS_xx_XX to allow simple replacement of translated string on the fly. Prefer to use next method.
NEW: Introduce table llx_overwrite_trans to be able to overwrite translations by simple database edition.
NEW: Introduce use of cache for thumbs images of users to save bandwith.
NEW: Experimental level multiprice generator based on per cent variations over base price.
NEW: List of projects of a thirdparty are visible on a project tab for the thirdparty.
NEW: Merge all left menu search boxes into one.
NEW: Merge all search fields of an area page into one search box.
NEW: Next ref on clone doesn't need conf, it's used if mask exists.
NEW: Only arrow of current sorted field is visible into table views. This save a lot of space. You can click on the column title to sort. This make clickable area larger and click to sort is easier.
NEW: On page to see/edit contact of an ojbect, the status of contact is visible (for both external and internal users).
NEW: Option "encrypt password" into database is set to on by default on first install.
NEW: Print event type on third party card tab agenda list (only if AGENDA_USE_EVENT_TYPE = 1)
NEW: Provide an easier way to understand if an order can be shipped.
NEW: Quick search filter works also on invoice, proposal, order, intervention, contract and expense reports.
NEW: Replace category edition page on members with new select2 component.
NEW: Show photo of logged user into login top right block. 
NEW: If no photo is available for user, we show a generic photo depending on gender.
NEW: Show photo of user into user list.
NEW: Show which fields were used for search when doing a "generic search" from the "quick search" form on left menu.
NEW: Statistic graphs on products offer a filter on product type (product / service or both)
NEW: Syslog displays configuration errors
NEW: The clicktodial module is now able to provide link "tel:" on phone numbers. So it is also possible to use clicktodial with a client solution like the "xivo" local client.
NEW: The conditional IF into ODT templates works also on not defined var so we can show data only if defined. Close #3819
NEW: The free text in PDF footers can now be a HTML content. So the WYSIWYG editor is on by default to edit it into module setup.
NEW: The thirdparties tabs, the contacts tabs and the members tabs are now presented using a new "top banner", saving space and using a same way to show address, status and navigation arrows.
NEW: Thumbs for statistics on main page are fully clicable (not only link inside the thumb)
NEW: Translate extrafield's labels.
NEW: Use new select2 component for juridical status, country and state selection.
NEW: When creating order, proposal or invoice from thirdparty card, the project is asked during creation. A link to create project if it does not exists is also available. 
NEW: Uniformize form creation of proposal to add public and private notes during creation like for order and invoice.
NEW: More robust antiXSS engine.
NEW: Compatibility with Mysql 5.7+

For developers:
NEW: The search box and the bookmarks are now rendered by the menu manager.
NEW: Add a new widget $form->selectArrayAjax() to use combo list with content coming from an Ajax URL.
NEW: Add doActions hook method call in contract card
NEW: Added doActions hooks to user cards
NEW: Add a new component to select categories/tags from the main edit page of product. The dedicated tab is also removed.
NEW: upgrade jQuery Component Datable (and extras) to 1.10.7
NEW: script to build API class from existing class
NEW: Prepare database to store information per files (for example to define if an image can be used as a cover or not)
NEW: log hooks loading
NEW: Introduce property module_position so a module can decide where it appears into list of modules.
NEW: Introduce function dolGetFirstLineOfText
NEW: Introduce a method getDefaultCreateValueForField for developers to get a default value to use for a form in create mode. Implement it for public and private notes.
NEW: A module can add its entries into cron module.
NEW: Framework feature. To have a page being loaded at same scrollbar level after a click on a href link, just add the class "reposition" on this link.
NEW: Add exemple of setup for multitail to render dolibarr log files
NEW: Add restler framework. First step to build REST API into Dolibarr.
NEW: Add css class and ids on column of detail lines to allow module to easily manipulate fields.
NEW: Add hook in send mail
NEW: Add hooks on list of members to allow an external module to add more fields into list view.
NEW: Add hooks to allow an external module to complete list of events into calendar views.
NEW: Add "productpricecard" hook and uniformize code
NEW: Enhance also the prototype test_arrays to include select form before table.
NEW: Enhance prototype, project list and proposal list with new hooks to have an external module able to add more fields.
NEW: Enhance style engine. Add option to set color of links.
NEW: ODT generators can now also set meta properties of ODT file.
NEW: Add missing columns into llx_expedition to match other tables.
NEW: A new function getImageFileNameForSize was also introduced to choose image best size according to usage to save bandwith.
NEW: Support logging to a Sentry server
NEW: Prepare database to have agenda able to store more detailed emails events. 


Dolibarr 3.9 is not yet fully compatible with PHP 7 even if most features seems to work.

Mysql minimum version is now 5.0.3 

Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but were necessary to make
Dolibarr better:
- Deprecated Product::setPriceExpression. Use Product::update instead
- Deprecated hidden option MAIN_USE_CUSTOM_TRANSLATION has been removed. Use table llx_overwrite_trans instead.
- Trigger LINECONTRACT_INSERT has been renamed into LINECONTRACT_CREATE to match common denomination.
- A lot hooks used into PDF generation were not correctly implemented. We had to fix this. The result si that
the following hook were set as hook of type "replace". This means if your module implement such hooks, it must 
return 0 to execute standard code or 1 to replace standard code (value to output should be set into resPrints instead).
This is list of hooks modified:
'pdf_getlinenum', 'pdf_getlineref', 'pdf_getlineref_supplier', 'pdf_getlinevatrate', 'pdf_getlineupexcltax',
'pdf_getlineupwithtax', 'pdf_getlineqty', 'pdf_getlineqty_asked', 'pdf_getlineqty_shipped', 'pdf_getlineqty_keeptoship',
'pdf_getlineunit', 'pdf_getlineremisepercent', 'pdf_getlineprogress', 'pdf_getlinetotalexcltax', 'pdf_getlinetotalwithtax'
- Renamed Product::isservice and Product::isproduct to match PSR-2
- Remove deprecated Product::hidden property

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is Open Source software. You can download, use and redistribute it at any time. Do you want to test the latest version of Dolibarr?