NextCloud Integration

I would like a feature in Dolibarr for an easy integration with Nextcloud. Do exist some plans about on further Dolibarr versions?

Hello, I am also looking into this but I only have one idea for it at the moment.

IDEA: To do an ‘extra’ backup of the database to a nextcloud instance.

What did you have in mind?


a NextCloud Integration would be nice helpful.

  1. to store Backup-Files manually or automatically
    or for an automatically synchronization between local setup and nextcloud
  2. to store DMS/ECM Files
  3. to load files easily from NextCloud

I was looking to fund a third party module for [1] but your suggestions [2]+[3] would be quite expensive I think. :unhappy:


it was my ‘I have a dream’ wish list :sunglasses:

To start with ‘only’ one point is better than a project that is too big.

And I think it is not necessary to have all functions between Dolibarr and NextCloud in one module.



Aljawaid / COM4WEB,

We are currently using Nextcloud as an internal groupware alongside of Dolibarr 8.0.3 and if you activate the DAV module in Dolibarr and add it into Nextcloud as an external storage, you can pass any files from Dolibarr to Nextcloud.

Hope this helps!

NOTE: it would be nice to have CARD/CAL DAV for easier import/export between the 2 systems. For now we use DB triggers to pass contacts from Nextcloud from NC to Dolibarr.

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Will definitely try this. I’m currently implementing both dolibarr and nextcloud on the same server so I’m hoping this will save us some bandwidth and faster response time.

If anyone implemented @jenbalco solution, it would be great to see some updates.

@jenbalco your solution works for me, It shows a readonly folder in nextcloud showing the ecm, public and private subfolders from dolibarr ecm

Hi angelo
I tried to mount webdav dolibarr resurce from nextcloud without success
coul’d you post our configuration in nextcloud

from firefox webdav url public work, private not working too


I´ve just seen today that there is a new Nextcloud - Dolibarr Module in the Dolistore

Yes, I saw it as well, But unfortunately very badly described. The description just says the module will “link” to Nextcloud. No further module description or screenshot.
But just setting a link to Nextcloud is no art and surely not a module sold as pig in a poke with 100 €. - Especially when it comes from a seller who never respond to emails.
Again, a case that shows, that dolistore needs urgently an update on its quality control.

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