Category Topics

Announcements & news

You will find in this category announcements and news related to the Dolibarr project: new versions, events, update of the community tools of the project, etc.

Installing my Dolibarr

Get help on installing Dolibarr whatever your system (GNU / Linux, macOS, Windows, NAS system), your installation method (from sources, DoliWamp, DoliDeb, DoliRpm ) and your environment (local, shared, dedicated, cloud server).

Using my Dolibarr

Get help on using the modules provided with Dolibarr, suggest new features or report anomalies.

Maintaining my Dolibarr

Get help on updating Dolibarr to a newer version, migrating a Dolibarr instance to a new server, backup and restore operations (files and database ) and more generally, everything related to the configuration and system maintenance of the machine hosting your Dolibarr instance (cron, permissions, etc.).

Developing for Dolibarr

The channel for all Dolibarr developers…
Get help in developing specific modules or themes for Dolibarr but also how to use the REST and SOAP API modules to connect Dolibarr with an external application.

Talk between Dolibarrians

This discussion area allows you to exchange with other users of Dolibarr on subjects unrelated to Dolibarr.