Project/Task automatic Email notification

Hello Guys,
Hope you are all doing well.
Is there any way in this beautiful app to set up automatic email notification after assigning a task to someone?, also an automatic email notification to all participants after making a comment or creating a discussion in the project?
I’m also open to a third party module if any available out there.
Many thanks


hi all, I am interested too

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hello! tell me, please, have you found the answer to your question? I would be grateful if you share it!

hello. have you solved this problem please tell me

Hello Lusine,
unfortunately no.

I did ask a quote from developers and they said 300 Euros to get it done. I found it to expensive

Can you please share the thread where you discuss it with the developer?


Is this functionality included in version 16 of dolibarr?

300€ would be great if we ask to release it under gpl

Any other suggestions?


I can , contact me if you need,

You might need to use Ticket module.

It’s not the best idea.
It is required to send an e-mail notification when a task or project is assigned, as well as when leaving a comment on a task or project.
Is this important feature still not implemented?