Units implementation in dolibarr

Units implementation in dolibarr

Do you need different management units for the same product/service, in different workflows?

For my AAA reference,
buy in “pallet” (of 125m2)
manage my stocks in “m2”
sell in “package” (of 1.25 m2)
consume for a manufacturing to the “kg” (with 1 kg = 0.8 m2) etc… (these unit factors may differ from one reference to another)

  • My dream !
  • why not ?
  • Hell, no !

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See the topic on github:

See the french discussion :

[EDIT: solve a problem with poll in this forum : you can vote if you want now]

Opening the Unit of Measures in Dolibarr making a problem upon creating P.O. as I posted

where ?

which problem ?

Hi, here are the V3 functionnal specification.

Feel free to comment/approve/desapprove … :slight_smile: