What kind of features are available in Dolibarr to fit my company CRM process ?

A suite of integrated applications to build your own workflow

Dolibarr is a software package that provides several features and applications you can enable, or not, to customize your own customer relationship workflow:

  • Opportunities and Lead management
  • A support ticket manager - Allow your customers to create online requests or issue tickets
  • A Knowledge Management database - Automatically find an answer related to an issue or a question of a customer when creating a ticket
  • An EMail collector to scan your inbox Emails to create automatically your customers, your leads or your tickets
  • Group information related to same lead into projects
  • Manage internal or external interventions
  • Keep a track of all events related to a customer in a shared view of events
  • Convert your lead into orders or invoices in few clicks
  • Send prospection or information emails to all your prospects or customers with the Mass emailing module
  • Make polls among your customers with the Survey module

A fully integrated solution

Each module interacts with others, so there is no duplicate entries. You can manage your activity using different axis (manage your relationship by project, by date, by customer, by employees, by events, ...).

Security of your Data

You decide to use your instance from an online hosted Cloud solution (see for example https://saas.dolibarr.org). But if the data about your customers are very valuable for you company, you may prefer to host it yourself in your own company datacenter. Nerver mind. You can use Dolibarr from a Saas provider or on Premise. You decide.