1062 - Duplicate entry '2147483647-1' for key 'uk_

I have dolibarr 7.0.3 and all worked properly!! After my mass import with default module stock a lot of errors occured, so i decided to change via phpmyadmin the uk_product_stock to INDEX from (default UNIQUE).

Now the modulestock does not works correctly.

I tried to change it back to UNIQUE but with no luck.
Here what message displays

ALTER TABLE paloubis_doli461.llxwz_product_stock DROP INDEX uk_product_stock, ADD UNIQUE uk_product_stock (fk_product, fk_entrepot) USING BTREE;
1062 - Duplicate entry ‘2147483647-1’ for key ‘uk_product_stock’

Could you helping me to change it again to its default ?? Can anyone ???

Very thanks in advance guys!!

Hello, I would run the installer again. Hopefully, the database queries will be refreshed so your problem will go away.