2 digits after comma

Please help for this
i have this :
.price($total_ht_13 * 1.13 - $total_ht_13, 0, $outputlangs), result 0,2235
how to, not show 2 last digits.
i want to show 0,22 only,not all .

Any help …???

Hi there!
You can change in Home-> Setup -> Limits and accuracy -> Max decimals for total prices: change to 2. It’s defined the number you would like to see.

I have this setting to 2.

Hi, since you are making operations in the code I think you will need to configure the output in your code. You can use PHP function round for that like this:

round($object.price($total_ht_13 * 1.13 - $total_ht_13, 0, $outputlangs), 2);

The last digit 2, tells the round function to only use 2 digits, and proximate them if necessary.

You can check more about this here:


ok thanks…