3.8.1: The - is mandatory ?!?

Error appears after executing the following steps:

  1. Create Proposal
  2. Validate Proposal
  3. Close Proposal
  4. Create Invoice (from Proposal screen)
  5. Validate Invoice Draft

Especially “-” is extremely verbose :unsure:

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I had the same problem “The - is mandatory” and solved it by changing the global language in Display from Es_Mx to Es_Co. Then I filled the “NIT” or “Prof. id 2” field (“VAT number” in some languages). Had the “Mandatory to validate invoices?” And “Must be unique?” In Companies module setup. Fill this information and BOMM problem resolved!. I hope help you and the comunity… Sorry for the bad english, spanish is my native languaje .

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When trying to create a new third party, I get the following error message: The - is required (ForbiddenBySetupRules).

This happens to me in one installation of Dolibarr 12.0.1, but not in the other. For now I can create them directly in the ilx_society datatable.
I can’t find the difference between the two installations.