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I am trying to install Dolibarr 17.01 locally on a centos 9. sever
I have Postgresql 15.2 running and php 8.0.27 running successfully
i have download dolibarr Htdocs files in web root directory and I am at the instance of directing the web browser to install dolibar when I find have errors on prerequsites check (Dolibarr 17.1).
I had three errors " Your PHP installation does not support IMAP functions." and the same for INTL and ZIP functions. I cleared errors for INTL and ZIP by dowloading the modules for centos 9 and then by editing respective 20-intl.ini and 40-zip.ini files and the errors cleared.
I am unable to download the IMAP modules because I do not know the file name… it is not php-imap… and neither is the module available in php.d directory or php.ini
Can some one help ? file name to download or any way to resolve the issue .

To resolve the IMAP issue, you can install the IMAP extension for PHP by running: sudo dnf install php-imap on CentOS 9. Make sure to restart your web server afterward.