Access denied when trying to import csv

I want to not disturb the community so in advance I apologize if my problem is rudimentary but I searched the whole web and I was unsuccessful:

Completing the initial installation, I made the default usage configuration and in “Users and Groups” I made the permission to import data. After filling the template csv file and trying to import the data, an "Access denied.
You try to access a page, area or feature of a module that is disabled or not in an authenticated session or that is not allowed for the user. ". This error occurs when I try to add any document, except when I’m on the user.

I’m using Amazon Lightsail Ubuntu server.


A little search ?

Corrected in V12.0.1

I had a similar upload problem in version 12.0.0. It was a bug that was fixed in 12.0.1.

If that doesn’t fix it, then you may want to double check that all folders are owned by the proper user. I’m running Ubuntu 20.04/ Apache, the proper user is www-data. (In Linux the command to change the user and group for a folder and all subfolders is “sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /path/to/dolibarr”.
But again, verify the right user name for your system).

Thank you all. The answer was in the community database as directed by Ksar. I’ve been using erp for some time now. Greetings.