Account transactions - unable to select all lines to reconcile them at once


Hello guys,
I’m having problems with reconciliation of all lines at once in the Bank module. Can you do me a favour and check in your installation if you have this option?
I have opened an issue on Github but apparently the feature works as expected. I have tried on 2 of my Dolibarrs and in the online demo version and I don’t have an option to select all the lines. The option was available in version 10 but it’s gone in version 11 and in version 12.0.2.
Thanks for taking the time.

Hi guys, I’m sorry to be a pain but can you check in your Dolibarr if selecting all lines in reconciliation work in version 11.X.X or 12.X.X, please? This function does not work for me anymore. I would much appreciate if someone can check that for me.
To check it please go to URL: YOUR_DOLIBARR/htdocs/compta/bank/bankentries_list.php?id=YOUR_BANK_ID and click on RECONCILE button.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards