Accounting Journals Localising - Linking

I am localising the accounting and am now working with the “Accounting journals”.

I want to add a couple of new journals (and replace the originals) to get a locally commonly used set but I can not work out the linking.

In the “Accounting journals” what does “Nature” refer to?
What table does “Nature” link from so that I can set up a new set of journals?

In the default set of journals there is a strange journal “Has new journal”, what is that used for?


Is there anyone out there that knows how the accounting system works?


The has-new journal is needed with a complete accountancy but useless for the moment in Dolibarr. We work on it. In next version, we add possibility to closed a fiscal year.

You can disabled this journal for the moment and miscellaneous journal too.

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Thanks heaps for replying.

It was enough information to get me going again.

Hi aspangaro
That means, there is no value to work with Accounting Vouchers…

Hi everyone,

I think I need to revive this old thread, because while trying to improve some of the German translations during a set-up of Dolibarr, I came across this mysterious “has-new journal”, which is currently translated literally into German. And knowing a bit of accounting, I am pretty sure, nothing with this wording exists here. Also researching “has-new journals” in the English language sphere did not reveal anything to further understand what the meaning could be.

So I tried starting from the French version “A-nouveaux”. Not being a French speaker, some further googling finally led me to the English variant “opening balance” and all of a sudden, the whole mystery around this journal probably disappeared :-).

Long story short, I would like to check with the knowledgeabele people around this feature, whether “opening entries” could be a valid description of the purpose of this journal? - I would then continue with applying the German translation of this expression.



What are the common journals for India business…? Can any one help…?


Hi, trying to implement the financial module, have you found the use of the ¨Has-New¨ journal type?

Yes, it’s for the opening bookings (starting a new fiscal year). It was a rather literal translation from French… I guess before v19 there is no automated use, but it’s probably there for manually created journal entries.

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