Accounts Assigned

I just want to know if somebody experience the same, Because I assigned particular Accounts to the Vendors or Customers, But Still dolibarr will pick up the one on the GL

Did somebody experience the same? or I miss something.

When you transfer in accountancy:
The detailed vendor anccouting account is stored into the “subledger account” as you screenshot show. The accounting account receive the common account for all suppliers.

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Thank you Sir, But can how can we do it, to make it go to the Account I assigned into the particular Vendor or Customer

There is nothing to do. The account you assign to thirdparty will be automatically used for the auxiliary account. And the general account into setup automatically assigned into the general accounting account.

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Okay, Now i got it, Thank you

Mr. Eldy;

Can you please help me with the Problem, I lost my data entry in Dolibarr, All the Data up to March 2021, Does this mean I will re enter all from April to December? Now is our Audit. I finished all the REport but because of that Power Shortage Yesterday. This happened.

If I look the Account Balance only from 2020 up to march 2021

Now on Customer all of the Invoice that I had been entered has gone.

Oh my GOD, Please help me what will I do

There is no reason that data “disappear”. May be you connect to an old and different instance.
You should contact your the company that host your installation to restore a recent backup.

Thank you Mr. Eldy, that might be the issue, But I hosted it myself inhouse.