Add field to get Invoice id

HI everyone,
In Manufacturing order module(MO) I want to make one dropdown field from where I can select invoice id with this selection MO will link with that invoice .I am unable to find table from where I can select invoice id .
If anyone of you have knowledge please assist me I will be very thankful to you

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Have a look on the wiki for customer invoice
With this link you may find more information

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Hi,Thanks for the help .
I found the table but I still unable to write query to select invoice id in select box.
llx_facture:ref:rowid::filtersql i am using this query to select rowid but its not working

Error in request SELECT rowid as rowid, tms FROM llx_llx_facture WHERE filtersql ORDER BY tms Table ‘dolibarr.llx_llx_facture’ doesn’t exist. Check setup of extra parameters.
What i am doing wrong ? What’s the right syntax to select please assist me .
Thanks in advance.

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Just make a try like this : c_typent:libelle:id::active=1
→ dont use the prefix table : llx_facture => facture
→ specify a valid filter…

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I check the table c_typent than I understand the syntax and change my query like this facture:ref:rowid::fk_user_valid=1
Thanks once again you save my day :smiley:

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