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Some help please. I am using Dolibarr 6.0.1

Entering products I am also trying to add a Product Image but cant see how, or find any documentation. I am able to link files, but it doesn’t seem to recognize it as a Product Image.

Please help


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Answered my own question. Went to other setup and added:

PRODUCT_MAX_VISIBLE_PHOTO => Show a maximum number of product photos (as thumbnails) on the product main card. Example, setting this constant to ‘5’ will show the first five product photos found on the product card.

It started working

Hello there, Im having the same issue here, can you let meknow if you started to see this working as an option on the product details? please letus know


Aldo C

I did it the same on the Server but it is not working I restarted the server it really did not work

I have Dolibarr 14.0 running and product image can be added from product / tab Linked

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Please check your images, You cannot upload more than 1mb reduce the size, Please

(depending on your server/hosting file upload limit.)

Products Image and Products Documents are two different things:

  1. Products Image: the correct size will 128x128 pixels, below is the sample of 128 x 128 pixel image


  1. In your case, You are facing with the Issue of File size or documents on Linked Files to Upload
    a. If you are uploading PDF then you need to optimize it.
    b. If you are uploading .docx .doc file then you need to minimize the size
    c. If you are uploading the .jpg or gif or png - you need to make the resolution into minimum under 1mb
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