Add products or services in the Interventions

So i was wondering if what I wanted to acchive would be possible with the base Modules however there seem to be some issues that appear when I’ll try to do so.
So I’ll explain the workflow I had in mind.

  1. Customer calls has an issue get’s created as customer in third party. And an incident get’s created with what the issue is where the customer is and a fixed time.
  2. Incident get’s assigned to technician.
    3)Technician goes out there and fixes the problem. He has to log his time and also the materials used from his truck.
  3. The technician marks the Intervention as done and that’s it.
  4. Then the order should get to his superior who looks over it and sets the pricing like the material cost or a discount for some customer which enjoy a reduced time rate.
  5. Invoice gets send out.

So I tried to do this with the Interventions, but the issue is that I can’t add Materials to it and another issue.
Also, how would it be possible to Assign stuff, even when I mark a technician as Interventionist, he still sees all Intervention or none I think that would be quite confusing when there are plenty of Interventions going on, and you will have to look for your Intervention yourself.

With the project Tabs I also have issues since it seems to be to complex the technician should just have to log his time and material used, the whole pricing of the Material or his time should be done by his superior.

Is there any way I can archive this with the standard Modules, or is there a Module on the DoliStore you may recommend.

Thanks in advance

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i have same question so you are not alone