Add several products to a quotation at once

HI @all

is there a way to add several defined products or services to a quotation at once?

E.g. when we do a service abroad we always need to manually add positions for

  • hourly rate
  • travel costs
  • overnight stay
  • expenses
  • milage

it would be great if there was something like adding a wrapper product like “template service abroad”.
This could contain the items mentioned above. And that when added to the quotationen is broken down into the individual items.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Best regards

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Hi Bastian,

what about creating a quotation with the described positions just as a template and then duplicate it every time you want to create an actual quotation for a customer?


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Hi Bastian,
an alternative could be to use our “Bulk Products Entry” module.
You can create the category in which you group the products you want, and then load them quickly (as in this video), not only in the quotations but also in the other document types (orders, shipments, invoices, …).

Hi Joachim and mgribaudo,

thanks for your replies.
I thought about the templates as well.
but this would be not so easy to handle for my colleagues.
We have several standard products or standard entries for the quotation which would lead to a lot of different templates - and so for me a lot of head ache and questions from colleagues :slight_smile:

I’ll look into the Bulk Products. This sounds promising.

Best regards

@mgribaudo This was a self promotion to an external module for dolibarr :grinning:
So it seems, that this can not be done using the dolibarr internal methods…

Ok I’ll see how we can / will handle this.

Thanks again

Well, part of my business is selling modules in Dolibarr :pensive:
Creating templates can be an alternative solution, I don’t know any other way.