Adding month name to invoice pdf

i dont know php can any one tell me how can i just add invoice month (February-2022) before line of generation date.
or can anyone send me odt file of crabe so that i can customize it.
Is it possible to add “Billing Month: February 2022” where the month name will be generated based on in voice generation date

As an alternative, without modifying the pdf, you can add on the invoice lines the period of the services

Nevertheless, you will have to complete this field for each concerned invoice.

I am talking about a different thing. i want to add full month name like “January 2022” not “1-1-2022”

Have you tried extrafields?
But, the mention will appear at the notes level

are you talking about complementary attributes?? I Have some confusion about extrafield position

Yes. Indeed this is rather complementary fields.