Adminer pour Dolibarr



Following the use of the Adminer module developed by Axel Dev:
I liked the idea, but:

  • I don’t think it was a very good idea to let the module be accessible to everyone from the outside :thinking:
  • I also would have liked an autologing as well as a slightly nicer theme.

So, I started to develop a module to include Adminer in Dolibarr environment.

Module: DbAdmin


It’s a database management tool (like phpmyadmin), that allows to view/modify/export/import tables and data stored in Dolibarr database.

It also adds permission for access to the module:

Download (809.3 KB)


If someone can do a test on postgresql it would be +1:

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Looks very nice! I can test it with postgresql. I have to set up a dev installation first though.