Alpine php8.2 xmlrpc


I’m trying to install dolibarr with image php:8.2.20-zts-alpine3.20, but i’m facing an issue with xml.

The following page http://localhost:8080/install/check.php?testget=ok return an ko on xml:
your php installation does not support xml functions

I’ve installed this package:

  • php82-xml
  • php82-xmlreader
  • php82-xmlwriter

But not the xmlrpc because not available on this version of alpine / php. Is it problematic for dolibarr to work ?


Dolibarr doesn’t need xmlrpc, but only php-xml.
The test done by installation script is made on simplexml_load_string function
php82-xml is installed, but may be not enabled in php.ini ?

Oh ok, so in fact the good package is php82-simplexml.

Thanks a lot