Alternative URL for public interface not working

I’m trying to enable a different URL for ticket module using the Alternative URL for public interface setting. I’ve setup ServerAlias in apache config for the dolibarr installation URL like the following :

ServerName mydolibar.url
ServerAlias support.url

I have setup redirections. support.url redirects to mydolibar.url homepage and not the public interface for the ticket module as expected.
What am I doing wrong here ?

I cannot check it in version 10.0.0 but in version 10.0.1 the alternative link works fine for me and it was working fine in version 9. Are you sure all your setup is correct?.

Not working still. Could you please share your working instance or how you did it ?

I’m also trying to get this working. Actually, I don’t really understand what the setting “Alternative URL for public interface” in Dolibarr actually does?

I can configure this solely in apache with a ServerAlias so that I could access the portal at instead of But what I really want is to access the portal at

So, I assume that’s what “Alternative URL for public interface” is for, but how does that work? Are there settings to be done in apache conf?

Try this:
You can forward your domain in hostingssettings of your provider/virtual host configuration to folder /htdocs/public/ticket/