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Is these any Arabic characters support in dolibarr so i can get AR characters displayed in pdf invoices correctly ?


Dolibarr from version 3 has unicode support. If the included fonts are not supported then you can build you own fonts as described in tcpdf site: ( )
The only thing I don’t know, is the support from right to left.

thank you for help, i’m on 2.9.0 and i will upgrade to 3.0 and check.


OK, update to v 3.0 done.

Now i still need to do the font because ??? still appear, any tutorial or help about creating font files because i’m not PHP programmer and most of info in above link ( aren’t clear to me.

I mean:
where to put the generated files, and where must i type the mentioned commands, sorry for annoying.


Have a look at:

DO NOT delete the generated *.z files

I made a fix into 3.0 beta to have correct font into 3.0 for ar_AR.
However, pdf templates will have to be edited because they are still left to right documents.

eldy wrote:

nice,let me test drive and feedback, indeed the direction isn’t that important since words still appear in the proper order, only alignment changes; which isn’t a big deal for short addresses for example.

thanks for effort.

I just tried it with 3.0 and its working for me. Just updating my status, in case it would be helpful for someone.

Jacques Shelly

Arabic Legal Translator

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