Average Time for BOM Product

Hello, I have a question/favor to ask this community, so for my company I need a new extenstion in module or just a small code if you’d like. To help you better understand my situation I’ll start with an example. EXAMPLE: I have created BOM with a qty (1) for an item with all of its raw material included and i set time for production est. 3 min. And after that i validated my BOM, I created MO. I put all the informations which are needed as well how much qty i need to produce for one batch. After I created my MO i see all the details about my BOM and MO as I wait to validate. So my question is how to show, in MO details how many hours/minute it needs to take to produce “x” qty of included BOM, exp. my BOM qty is 1 and MO qty is 400 to produce , that means that BOM (1*3 min) * 400 MO / 60 to make an hour, can someone help me with this problem, i need to implement it in MO. Thanks a lot i hope that i made it easier for you to understand my situation. Thanks in advance for all the help!