Bank account in pdf invoices

Since 3.8.2 my pdf invoices never show again the bank account where customers must transfer payments, in previous versions it did, updating to 3.8.3 does not fix it.

No matter if I select interbank payment (TIP), or if I create a new entry in the dictionary with code 0, 1 or 2. Check payment yes, it shows the info required for the check.

Cant found any documentation about this in the whole internet.

In the 3.8.3 Changelog, at the very end of ChangeLog for 3.8.3 compared to 3.8.2

FIX: Too many information were hidden. A lot of users still need bank account on PDF. What could be the reason to hide our information?, it must be a personal election IMHO.

But my bank account never show again in pdf invoices, somebody happend the same? any idea how to revert this?

Is a big step back, anyone who don´t need it, cand hide that info without effort, but when is relevant to shot that info, as any other…, until today, I do not know anyone who knows anyone, who can show in the PDF invoice, any information required extracted from the database, it may even seem intentionally difficult, even using customs fields or extrafields, you must be a master of the universe to do so.

This may not a be a bug, I think a questionable programation method, since there is no documentation about it, and induces to Error.

Some time ago, the dictionaries allow user to create our own references in Dolibarr, great success!

But, what happen in payment methods?, if I vary the short code reference of one of them, for example VIR, (I do not know what VIR means) then it breaks their funcionality!, wait a minute, then why anyone can change this refereneces, and without any kind of warning?, a little help text when entering to this dictionary would help.

I almost went “loco”.

The short code references, (at least in payment methods) must not be modified to accomplish your needs, your native languaje or anything else, they must be untouched or you will die.

Hope this helps others to no lost many time…

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How do you conditionally include the Bank Transfer Instructions in the PDF invoice (only when banktransfer is the chosen payment method for the invoice)? I could do an if and compare the text of payment method and include the text in the template. But when the text of the payment method is changed (it’s not fixed) then the if fails. Also that text should already be there somewhere in the database. How to get it? PHP Training in Chennai :happy: | PHP Training in Chennai :happy: | PHP Training in Chennai :happy:

Hi, could you create a feature request for this help text you want here: ?
The payment types/modes are now documented here: VIR=transfer e.g. between bank accounts