Banking and General Ledger Module

PHP programmer looking for someone who is interested in supporting the project accounting module.

Journal Entry
Budget Entry
Reconcile Bank Account
Revenue / Costs Accruals
Inquiries and Reports
Journal Inquiry
GL Inquiry
Bank Account Inquiry
Tax Inquiry
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet Drilldown
Profit and Loss Drilldown
Banking Reports
General Ledger Reports




This is very good, and i am welling to support this project financially if you can communicate with me by my email and inform me how much you need.


There is a module being developped on github, you can check “module ventilation comptable” on google.

maybe it would be useful to contact the developpers


Is the Module ready ?
Kindly let us know. we are waiting for this module for too long.


Dear Sir,

Please update the status above Module Development.

Did you check on the last develop version there is a module called COmpta EXpert, you can activate and try…
Accounting Expert, it is made by an accountant and developper in France, and another developper… now they are including it into core, but it needs tests !

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Hi, may I enquire if the modules are ready for deployment? thank you!