Blocked in a project

Hi guys :

as a student programmer, i’m doing an internship with a compagny , where i’m asked to develop more modules and more forms on dolibarr , to be honest , i’m completely blocked , i didn’t get enough development videos and also documentation to make the project .

previously , before the pandemic,i did some internships , where i used the following frameworks : springboot , laravel , and also Django , that’s said , with the previous ones , i found easy videos , documentations , and also good communities , that helped me to develop without any problem .

in the dolibarr file /core/modules/ , i created a new file called modUnderProductclass.php , where i made a module that should be connected to modProductclass.php , the gold is to show version of products (modUnderProductclass.php) under the principle product in the main screen menu , for example : the principale product is nintendo : the versions of the product could be nintendo switch , nintendo 98 , etc , i also want to create a form for the under product .

Notice : i read the developer documentation of dolibarr , it helped me to make the module and also some things , but i’m still blocked .