BOM and MRP documentation

Hello, I would like to make a good guide on how to use the BOM and MRP modules and I would like to have few questions answered.

Our products are cut from steel bars, after cut we have marking, drilling, punching, cleaning, painting and lastly packing of our products.

I would like to understand if I can use dolibarr to help us in this processes. So here go the questions.

We basically receive the steel bars in 7m and then we cut them to required length as first process.
So we get 250kg of steel bar with 7100mm length.
How should I tell to dolibarr that we got a product in with 200x20x7100mm and 250kg as our working material ?

After we cut 1500mm of the piece of steel can dolibarr know that we have still 200x20x5600mm with
197,18 kg ?
Also how should I insert our final product into dolibarr ? It should be a product composed of all the
processes we do.

Many thanks for clarifying me those 2 questions right now.

if I understand correctly you have two types of needs:

  • unload the bars and load the processed product in the processing phase

  • convert the unit of measurement from mm kg

  • For the first aspect, you can try the Factory module that you find in the store

  • For the second, as far as I know, you need a personalization. For this, if you are interested, you can contact me and we will talk about it.

Have a good day

Hi Marcello, thanks for your info. I don’t get exactly what you mean with “unload the bars and load the processed product in the processing phase” ?

I will take a look at the factory module. So from that I suspect that standard Dolibarr is not able to work the conversion and calculate the cutting process correct ?

I am interested to understand well what exactly I could do with BOM and MRP from standard Dolibarr ?

Is the standard BOM in Dolibarr able to calculate only the stock of the composing products or it can use also a simple process of some sort like hours of work, or cutting cost ?


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Hi Saxa,
If I understand correctly, during production you must unload the complete bars (7 m) from the warehouse and load the cut pieces (1500 mm).

This is possible:

  • with Dolibarr’s Virtual Products
  • from version 11 with the Dolibarr BOM module (I haven’t tried it yet)
  • with the Factory module

However, I repeat as far as I know, it is not possible to convert between units of measurement, therefore from m. to Kg.

Ok, I still do not understand what you mean with “unload” , unload from where ?
WE receive the bar in 6m or 7m length, this is our raw material. I can do a product in
dolibarr to get this into the dolibarr stock.
When we start producing we have to pick up this bar and convert it to a final product. To do that
we pick up the bar in our warehouse, and then cut it on the saw to the desired length.
After we cut it , we have to do other 3 processes to get the final product.

My English is not too good and I often rely on online translators :slight_smile:
I mean, that the stock of the bars of the warehouse is decreased, while the stock of the cut pieces is increased.

To do this you must have:

  • 2 products (paper bars - cut pieces)
  • 1 BOM that defines the ratio of the number of pieces produced by a single bar.
  • generate a movement that increases / decreases stocks

You can activate this process using one of the 3 methods I told you.

Oh, ok I got you. Actually we are working with steel, not paper, but I got you. Yes, it is clear to me that we will

have to have 2 products in dolibarr, one would be the actual steel bar full length and one would be the final product.
But probably I also need the service of drilling, punching, cutting and painting.

Can all those processes compose the BOM ?

Actually would be very good if we could have the ability to configure the calculations in BOM, in that way one could

enter a formula and the BOM would then use that formula to calculate the actual final product cost.

Or maybe this definitions would need to go into each product ?


Stocks work like this.
It does not seem to me that you can insert the services associated with a BOM to calculate the product costs.
I don’t use Dolibarr, I develop modules and customizations, so I don’t know well all the operational aspects.
If you find how to insert processes and costs, let me know.

I see, I am sure you can insert a service cost in dolibarr, and most probably it can go into a BOM
but I have not tried that.

Hey Saxa,

I was advised to look into the BOM module to solve a somewhat similar problem. I can find nowhere an explanation of what the module is suppose to be good for. Did you end up working with it succesfully?

PS: my mistake, here’s the description of concept


Hi, thanks for the link, I will try to upgrade to latest version and then will play a bit with it.
But I am sure, it will still miss the possibility to work according length and weight calculation. But in any case it will be already useful if I read it correctly.


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