BOM .odt templates

Hi everybody,
I’m having troubles with the BOM .odt template. See Screenshots here.
Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I defined four products (img#1):

  • A raw product 001
  • Another raw product 002
  • An intermediate product 030
  • A finished product 400

Then there’s two bills of material (img#2):

  • Product 030 ist made up of 10 units of 001
  • Product 400 is made up of two units of 030 and five units of 002

Now I want to print a list of all raw products that are needed for the final product 400. In this example that would be 20 units of product 001 and 5 units of product 002. I thought the .odt template for the product 400 BOM should be the way to go.

However, with this template (img#3) I end up with something like this (img#4)
Most of the tags aren’t replaced, the product labels are incomplete ( "002 - " without description) and I don’t know how to resolve the intermediate product 030 into its raw materials.
Can anyone share a working example for a BOM template or hint on how to do what I’m trying?