Brand New Install issues

I have installed a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 Server LTS, the latest MySQL and all the dependencies from a tutorial I found.

I updated the scripts to PHP 7.3 except for php7.1-mcrypt.
Created the MySQL database and user. Tested it and all is fine.
Downloaded Dolibarr 11.0.4 and extracted to /var/www/html/Dolibarr/
All the permissions are set according to the article.

Everything is perfect until I configure the database. It keeps giving me this issue.

The server requested authentication method unknown to the client
The database connection failed: the host or super user parameters must be wrong.
Go back and check/correct the parameters.

I log in with those credentials via CLI and it works. Any idea what could be causing Dolibarr to keep giving me this error?

So far google failed in helping to find an answer and I resorted to the forums.


Most probably you try to connect with root user and you do not allow it in your MYSQL configuration :

Note that in Ubuntu systems running MySQL 5.7 (and later versions), the root MySQL user is set to authenticate using the auth_socket plugin by default rather than with a password. This allows for some greater security and usability in many cases, but it can also complicate things when you need to allow an external program (e.g., phpMyAdmin) to access the user.

If you prefer to use a password when connecting to MySQL as root , you will need to switch its authentication method from auth_socket to mysql_native_password . To do this, open up the MySQL prompt from your terminal:

Hi Ksar,

I do not even enter root credentials, I use the credentials I created. Those credentials are tested via mysql -u dolibarruser -p

password is entered and I gain access able to access the doli db.

dolibarr needs the root password for the SQL server (Mariadb i assume)

this was the password you created when you ran this command:

sudo mysql_secure_installation