Broken menu entries (soc.php, facture.php)


we are struggling after an update (from v7), there are some php files, which seem to be removed.
This leads to a 404 …

The menu on the left seems to store this links (for example, generate a new invoice).
How to deal with these files, that do not exist anymore? Ist there an automated way or at least a rule, how to correct them?

Armin S.


  • Version: 16.0.0-alpha
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
  • Web Server: apache2 (
  • PHP: php7.4-fpm (
  • Database: mysql/percona (5.7.36-39-1.focal)
  • URL(s): /compta/facture.php?action=create&leftmenu=customers_bills&idmenu=12177


the version you are using (16.0.0-alpha) is a pure development snapshot which is changing continuously and without any guarantee that things are working.

Latest stable release is 14.0.5. You may want to install this version for production use.

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Hello und thank your for your suggestion.

We will downgrade do 14.0.5 and see, if the menus entries are working again.

Please note that during upgrades, data in your db may get converted. A downgrade of this process is not supported. Therefore, it is advisable to make a clean install of 14.0.5 and then import a backup of your original data from v7 (all changes done on the 16.0.0-alpha system will be lost).

Just replacing the php files of 16.0.0-alpha with those from 14.0.5 and not dealing with the database may lead to an inconsistent system state, which can create trouble either immediately or at a later state.