Broken Thumbnails/PNGs

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year and all that Jazz.
I’m new to the forum and to the dolibarr software,

So I am having an issue with the install, all seems to be working except for images/png from inside the theme folder. files don’t seem to load and just show a broken image.
Please see the image attached also when I open the imagine in a new tab I get a 403 error.

Not only this but all the images or pngs permissions are 755 which should allow access to populate them right?

I’m hosting on Bluehost and installed the software from softaculous. To a sub domain.

What should I do?
Warm Regards


Try clearing the cache.
first go to the link


Hi Angeldv,
Thanks for reply quick as.

I have done as you have suggested and unfortunately no dice
I cleared cache on the entire domain and the subdomain I have running the app.
Any other tips would be great. Thank you.

I have solved this issue.

I had a corrupted htaccess file,
Delete and saved a new one and all pngs began working perfectly,

Thank you Angeldv for you initial assistance.

Warm Regards

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