Bug: TakePOS doesn't search or refresh product names after enable hide product images. in Ver. 13.0.1

Hello community,

I was testing the new version 13.0.1 of Dolibarr and I found that in TakePOS a very useful option was added to hide the images of the products in TakePOS to be able to better visualize the long product names, but when activating this feature of hiding the product images and try to search for products by name or barcode in TakePOS, the system does not search for the products or apparently does not show the names of the products searched on the screen, only the initially displayed products remain. The error disappears when I deactivate the option to hide product images again.

I attach a screenshot where it is seen that it does not update the names of the products shown when the option to hide image is activated.

This option is very useful for businesses with very long product names and it would be good to find a solution to this error.

Thanks in advance for your help and for including this option in TakePOS!

This error persists in the new version 13.0.2

In Dolibarr 14 was corrected this bug of TakePOS