Can Dolibarr handle 10 users daily operations?


1- can dolibarr handle operation of 10 users?
2- if yes, whats the best architecture? What type of db should be considered?
3- my intention is to use the company server as a host with one db and create an internal network to connect the 10 users
4-is it possible to download stand alone for each user and let them synch together?

Operating system is windows
Operations will be issuing orders, invoices, creating projects with tasks, attachments,sending emails and exporting files to excel for logistics/custom clearance company
Dolibarr version is 13

Please let me know

Thanks for the help in advance


1 - My experience is that Dolibarr is designed to work with various user profiles as an ERP. Therefore, it can easily support 10 users. But their operations will be depending on the various infrastructure features you provide to run smoothly. For example, limit the search listing 25 rows per screen than 100 rows will increase the speed of rendering the page faster.

2 - Best Architecture depends on your requirement. However, the best practice is to have two instances - One for development and another for Production using LAMP technologies. You may like to configure development as the one for testing new features or the ones that you buy from Dolistore and if found ok, then transfer it to production.

Backup, Backup and Backup is the most important function to save you while you deal with complex data systems. So, configure automatic cron backups of relevant data as per your need.

3 - Yes it will work but please check for the best to achieve increased robustness. Imagine continuous ringing of your mobile if people who are used to dolibarr calling you in case the system goes down for some reason…

4 - Dolibarr is a Web based system and require Web server and browser interface for operation.


I used windows before in my server but I’m not satisfied with the performance.(mine was 3 users)

I would suggest based on my experience, try linux debian.

Hi, why it should not handle 10 users, it s a server / cliient arch, so its enough you put a good hardware underneath.
I don’t have an idea on suggest you the hardware, but surely you can run the web server part on one machine and db server on another.
Dolibarr is just an interface to the DB in other words, so optimizing the DB and the web server in case of slowness would be the path to go.
I use it on a old machine running apache and mariadb and theres no problems, of course we do not have 10 active users all the time, but I think there will be no troubles at all. Although I suggest you to set up a linux machine, its way easier to get optimized in case of need.


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I would say that running dolibarr is not really resource intensive. We have about 15 people working concurrently do quiet some stuff and we run an a simple VM (2GB Ram + 1 vCPU (~2GHz old Gen CPU)).

Large list are more a problem for the browser on older user PCs. If you show too much stuff the browser can hang which makes for a bad user experience.

As suggested:
use a linux server - it is a simple PHP webserver + mysql db so any linux OS is fine.
backup often and test well.

Keep in mind that the release versions of Dolibarr on its own are most likely to NOT have any significant bugs. BUT: the quality of 3rd party modules is way lower than in other ecosystems!
I never found a module I could run without doing some bugfixing and improvements (at the very least German translation + fixing UI for translation support) on my own.
There comes the power of open-source into play. I am able to fix and extend!

I would suggest you to use your copy from outside, for ex. your hosting company / cloud server. In this way you will have no need to choose and support a hardware with best parameters. 10 concurent users will work w/o issues from every popular and updated web browser.