Can not login in for the administration

Dear all,
Who can help me, i can’t login in Can not login in for the administration, i have deleted a lot of Modules which is not upgraded to version 11, but we still can not login in erp. the error as bellow:
Unset POST by CSRF protection in (POST for this token was already done or was done by a not allowed web page with a wrong token).
$_SERVER[REQUEST_URI] = /admin/modules.php $_SERVER[REQUEST_METHOD] = POST GETPOST(token) = 07db7608866dab1a6386c87867b65163 $_SESSION[token] = ee731d5510a1e3004259bb47d0047da1

Hi Celina,

Did you use experimental features ? If yes, first modify llx_const table via phpmyadmin by setting the value of MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL to 0. Then try to login again.