Can you add or modify existing field in Product list?

Can you add additional field or existing field can be modified?
For example, Reference > SKU (Stock keeping Unit)
Label > Part Number.
Or instead, can we add additional field?

Hi Anas,

I don’t fully understand your question, and the answer may depend on what you want to do…

What do you call “part number” ? Is that a serial number ? If yes, you could explore the Batch/Serial module (will add features in the stock module as parts will be individually identified). I won’t be very helpful there having no experience with this.

In any case you can always add extrafields you need. They will be essentially helpful for “documentation” (which covers many needs) as not being integrated within the different features of Dolibarr unless development is made to ensure the various connexions.


Hi Marc,
Appreciate a lot for responding quickly and sorry for delayed response.
Batch/serial module is different than part number.
Serial/batch number will be different for each product or batch. But part number will remain same of same specified product.
So in simple words, Samsung Note 10 - is model, but N950F is part number (for europe/australia). Hope this will help?

Part number is product code. It can be same as Labels but need to modify that term Labels to Part number, if possible.
How do you make extrafileds?

Hi Anas,

Extrafields are defined in the extrafields tab of the module setup page (here products obviously) you want to add extrafields to. In your case a string should probably do the job.
Question then is how do you take full profit of that extrafield ? You may want to have a look at this page


simicar, thanks for sharing that link.

if i understand your need, you just have to go in Setup/Translations to overwrite Ref into SKU, Label into Part number and so on…

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i dont understand how it relates to dolibarr ??? :thinking:

Sorry I was away from work. Yes, plus I want to add another field called description, which is not available in the list as of now.

Hi, its a little unclear what you mean. Products already have a field called description, but it does not show up in the product list by default. Is that what you want? To list products and see the description in a column?
Unfortunately it is not possible ATM, see this bug report:

The easiest workaround is to add an extrafield and call it description2 and select that in the product list “burger menu”. You can copy/move all descriptions from llx_product -> llx_product_extrafields via a database query if you already have typed in descriptions. You are welcome to contact me if you want to hire me to help to make this change.