Cannot enter fk when developing new module

Hello everyone. I am using Dolibarr 14.0.3. When trying to create a new module, I cannot enter in an fk into the field for fk. When I type something in there and hit save, the value does not go in. If I try to reference an internal Dolibarr table, or another table that I have created it doesn’t seem to work.

If I create a new module using the tool, there is a fk automatically created for…

fk_user_creat UserAuthor integer:User:user/class/user.class.php

However, if I edit that field, the fk is purged and removed.

I am trying to follow the directions…

Name of a foreign key must start with the prefix fk_ followed by the table name (i.e. name of the referencing table) (this is required to avoid duplicate names in project that are not allowed even if in different tables by some DBMS like Postgresql) then the field name (i.e. name of the referencing field) (this is to allow to have several foreign keys in same table).

Example: “fk_facture_fourn_fk_soc” is a foreign key in the table llx_facture_fourn for the field fk_soc in this table (that references the rowid field in another table)

Note: If you develop your own external module, it must have no foreign keys that point to Dolibarr standard tables. This will break standard dolibarr upgrades, repair, backup and restore tools and may also break standard features.

But this doesn’t seem to work either.

Does anyone else have this issue?

In fact, there are several fields that do not save the data when entering in values.

Default Value
Not Editable
Show Value into Combobox.