Cannot login after removing docker container, need to add volume?

I am new to Dolibarr, I’ve installed Dolibarr locally (in my computer) by using docker-compose.yml provided in the source code. When reading the docker-compose.yml I see there’s no volume other than for htdocs.

I try to stop the containers and then remove them, and then start them again, and then open the login page… The layout is messy and I cannot login, the message is:

Table ‘dolibarr.llx_user’ doesn’t exist

I think, this is because of the inconsistency of the state/data, probably the mariadb data is reset? Is this because of there is no volume defined for mariadb and phpmyadmin? If yes, could you please help me to define them?

Sorry for this newbie question, I am currently learning Dolibarr to check if it can be used to manage product stock, assets, cash, and accounting in our small company.

Solution for my question:

version: "3"

      - db:/var/lib/mysql