Cannot migrate from doliwamp to postgres.

Hi, I have tried to move from doliwamp to php7. I am using postgres and apache server. I have success with installing dolibarr on my machine with new setup. But I cannot restore the sql dump which I generated from dolibar 10 to migrate from sql to mysql. I tried restoring databes from command line as well restoring from pgadmin4 but it keeps on throwing errors. I have included my resimportlog. It show syntax errors. How can I fix this.

resimport.log (15.1 KB)


Doliwamp is using MYSQL and your online postgresql, you need to converter your backup :

This does not help I already made the dump from dolibarr with the options so that I can migrate from mysql to postgres.


It is clearly not ok ERROR: syntax error at or near "(" LINE 2: "rowid" int(11) NOT NULL,

We can not help you more.

Those errors indicate that the file you have created is expecting the database and the tables to already exist, which they do not.
Do the dump/export again, selecting the option that creates a dump that creates the tables too.

Thank you for your help. I will try it.