Change invoice information per user or third-partie

Hello everyone,
I started using Dolibarr recently and I’m in love with it, and I want to ask a simple question regarding its use.

I want to change the entreprise information per user in the invoice generation process, in other words I want to change the VAT and the other informations of the enterprise in the invoice to be taken either form the connected user or from third-parties.

Because I have eleven different users/third-parties, and each one of them have his own VAT informations, and each one of these users/third-parties needs to generate invoices by his VAT informations to the other users/third-parties.

Or even better, can I add multiple enterprises. I’ve already found this module, but I’m looking for a free option.

Thanks in advance.


Do you have different companies?

No, actually I’m not a company and neither my friends.
There’s a thing in my country which helps people to start their projects by providing them with the same identifiers as a company(not of all the identifiers, but some of them like VAT number…).

And I’m working with some friends of mine you can say like a group, and I need the solution that I’ve mentioned earlier.


Hey :slight_smile:

As Dolibarr is open source, everything is possible

Good continuation

Hey, thank you for your reply, but I was hoping to give me some lead about what files I need to change.

Hi @ksar do you have any proposition regarding this ?